exceptionally durable coverings for walls and floors.


looking for exceptionally durable wall and floor coverings? You’re right on target with materials like ceramics and porcelain stoneware. These materials are ideal for heavily used spaces in the private or public sector.


ceramics and porcelain stoneware offer you the following unique features:

  • available in many sizes (all the way from mosaic to large formats)
  • wide range of surfaces and styles
  • also available in thin designs, making them especially suited for renovations
  • easy to clean
  • extremely dense (no staining), no special treatment required
  • UV-resistant (no discoloration)
  • extremely durable (no signs of scratching or abrasion)
  • technically and visually unchanged even after years of use
  • natural basic materials
  • large formats can be further processed and used to cover surfaces
  • can also be used to achieve a smooth transition from interiors to exteriors

in our picture galleries and in our showrooms we’ll show you coverings made with ceramics or porcelain stoneware available in a wide range of different types. we look forward to your visit!